Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

I have been out of communication for a while due to the fact that once again I have been crafting up a storm in preparation for CRAFT 2.0 (this Saturday 25th July @ the New Dowse 10am til 3pm).
Here are some photos of some of the things I have been creating including my brand new, never been seen before Little imp Knuckle Bones (in a drawstring bag - with rule booklet!!), wrist warmers for littlies and slightly biggeries, two different lengths of Floral Thingamees in two different colour combinations, Organic Merino Booties, Polymer Clay Heart Brooches and Pendants and some of my old faithfuls in new colours.

So come along to Craft 2.0 on Saturday and buy hand-made - you know you want to!!

visit me at Craft2.0

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little imp @ craft 2.0

I have just returned from the BEAUTIFUL South Island where my cousin got married on the shore of Lake Wanaka.
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.
We stayed in a lovely house in Arrowtown AND I got to see my awesome little brother who flew in from London for the wedding.
Now I am frantically trying to get ready for the fabulous Craft 2.0 market at the New Dowse on Saturday.
If you click on the link below you will visit the Craft 2.0 site where you can find lots of info about Craft 2.0 including details of the enormous prize draw and the stuffed full goody bags as well as profiles of the people (like my lovely self) who will be selling there.
Come along and buy hand made - it will make you feel good!!
Happy Easter.

Craft 2.0

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

YeeHarrr Pataka

Hi Y'all, as you will see, this Blog is under construction as I am just not organised enough to sort it out and actually Blog but I just wanted to post some pics of my Stall at Crafting at Pataka yesterday (Waitangi day).  
It was a fun day with loads of talented crafters and some line dancers too. 
I love all the sharing of thoughts, advice, compliments, tips and admiration that occurs at craft markets - what a BUZZ - I always come home fizzing a little before crashing out on the couch and trying not to do anything more strenuous than hug my son and let him know that he has his Mum back again after the past week or so of manic creating to get ready in time for the event.
Anyhu, here are pics of my stall which I have to say I am rather proud of and pleased to say that by the end of the day was looking a little less full!

This is m'stall in it's full tucked round the corner glory.

The beautiful soft colours and textures of my baby hand knits - awrrrr how cute!

The fun and funky bright colours and straight lines of my hand bound journals.

The cheerful and chunky bright coloured heart brooches and pendants.

Some fun little A6 notebooks and my floral necklace/scarf thingamee.

I'm selling most of this stuff on my felt shop: but if you see something here that is not on felt, please contact me.

Happy crafting,
Little imp

Thursday, November 6, 2008